Mark Blosser’s GIANT Trailer

This week’s Fan Focus is on customer and long-time fan Mark Blosser. There’s a lot of levels to Mark, but we’re going to first look at his trailer… his very GIGANTIC trailer that he tows with his Derringer-equipped Power Stroke.

His new 50-foot trailer is a product of a very limited production run (only a handful made), rolls on four heavy-duty axles, and sports a 20-foot garage. This… monster… replaced his last trailer (another limited run, but this time only three were ever produced) that came in at a mere 47 foot in length. The purchase of this new trailer is rather recent, so Mark won’t know the combined weight of everything that he’s going to be taking to the dunes this Thanksgiving. If its anything like his last trip in his 47-footer that trailer tipped the scales at 32,000 pounds. This time, however, he’ll be taking an additional 125 gallons of water and 90 gallons of extra fuel as well as even more gear and his rock crawler Jeep. When asked what he does with his trailer and Jeep Mark explained that he is an avid rock-crawler going to the Dunes every couple of weeks. “I go to the Dunes for all of the major weekends, to Parker, I do Havasu in the Summer, I go to Flagstaff… I go everywhere with my trailers.”

When he purchased the trailer about three weeks ago, he wanted to ensure that his 2018 Ford F-350 Power Stroke would have extra power to fully handle the load, so he purchased the Derringer. “I’ve always been a Ford guy, so when I see a Ram or a GM I purposefully jam my foot on the throttle,” Mark explained. “I get up that mountain and hit Arizona at around 87 mph at the top of the hill towing my trailer fully loaded. It always makes me feel good when I see the other guys in my rearview mirror knowing that I have more power than they do. And mind you that’s with my 5,000-pound rack crawler in the trailer and while running on my oversized tires. With the Derringer it makes a world of difference!”

While we don’t recommend rocketing up the hills at 87 mph while towing, you can tell that from Mark’s accounts that he’s always loved adding extra power to his past trucks and isn’t a stranger to aftermarket power-adders. “I’ve used other products and programmers with my past trucks over the years, but you have to be careful of those,” cautions Mark. “They don’t take your truck or the environment you’re in in to account, but with the Derringer I don’t have to worry because it has my back. I’ve broken plenty of parts on those other trucks due to excessive EGTs, but the Derringer looks for that kind of thing and adjusts things. I just don’t need to worry about it. You could put all the other products in front of me and make them all an equal price… and I’ll pick Banks every single time.”

Thanks for being a fan, Mark. We can’t wait to see pictures from that Thanksgiving trip!