SEMA 2019

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show happens every November. Taking over every square foot of the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’s widely considered the most important show of its kind. Thousands of aftermarket parts and accessories companies show off their latest wares in hopes of attracting new retailers, distributors, and installers

Banks was there in full force, showing off the new patented Ram-Air Rear Differential Cover and forthcoming Pedal Monster throttle booster.

The Banks booth was the center of attention for diesel enthusiasts and influencers, as you’ll see below. At times it packed elbow-to-elbow as groups of curious fans spilled into the isles. Over the four-day show, hundreds stood in line for an autograph of their motorsports hero, Gale Banks. On more than one occasion, fans could be heard thanking Gale for his informative, facts-forward, no-nonsense and occasionally hilarious YouTube videos

But Gale wasn’t the only YouTuber in the house this week. At one point on Wednesday afternoon, Gale was flanked by three of the most popular YouTubers in the truck enthusiast space, DMAX Ryno, Greg Alberalla, and DurrrtyMax Jack. Although the guys were familiar with each other it was the first time the popular YouTubers had actually met each other in person

DMAX Ryno was actually responsible for the limited edition “Black-Ops” Ram-Air Diff Cover. After the San Diego-based YouTuber powder coated his cover all satin black, it was just too good looking not to offer as a color option. It’s the perfect look for those who want to retain a stealthier look. The Black-Ops version will be available in the coming weeks.

Later in the week, Gale had a chance to hang with other SEMA builders and YouTubers including Ryan Mayer, Jay FlatOut, and Sacramento’s stereo guru Steve Meade.

But the cavalcade of stars didn’t stop there. Fabricator extraordinaire Ian Johnson hung in the Banks booth for a while, followed by Diesel Dave and Counts Kustoms’ Shannon Aikau and Horny Mike.

As celebs and retailers passed through the booth they couldn’t help but be drawn to the Ram-Air Diff Cover display, which featured rotating candy-colored covers, a working differential housing with moving gears and scenes from Gale’s latest video. Jaws dropped and eyes widened as hundreds learned just how much better the new Banks cover is in shedding heat than its flat-back competitors.

Two wonderful surprises awaited the Banks team toward the end of the week. First, Carroll Shelby’s 1987 DeTomaso Pantera was on display in Discovery’s booth. Why? The season-opener of a new Discovery series will feature the 660hp Banks twin-turbo car. The incredibly unique supercar was brought back from the dead by longtime Banks friend, Galpin Autosports’ Beau Bachman, and his team. Each car featured in the upcoming series has a fascinating story behind it, and this one-off Pantera is no exception. Stay tuned for more details.

And, just as the Banks crew were walking into the SEMA Awards Banquet Thursday night, Gale bumped into one of his mentors, an absolute legend in motorsports, Ed Iskenderian, known to millions simply as Isky of Isky Cams. Stories poured out of the 98-year-old faster than the group could devour them. Gale was in heaven as his mentor brought back fond hot-rodding memories.

But what about the new parts being debuted at SEMA? When will the Ram-Air Diff Cover be available for Ford Super Duties and what’s with the PedalMonster throttle booster? Here’s a teaser. The diff cover for the Ford sterling axle is being tooled and the PedalMonster is the only throttle booster available that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the road. More details soon!