Kenney Mendez’s 2019 Denali 2500 HD

Kenney’s a SoCal guy which is why his lifted DMAX stands out. While big rims are commonplace in other parts of the country, Southern Californians are typically known for desert off-roading, which requires smaller wheels and taller tires. Low-profile tires aren’t the norm. So when Kenney rolls down crowded LA streets, he snaps necks.

Kenney’s 2019 Denali sits on a 12″ Cognito lift with custom King Shocks. The added height allows him to clear 40×15.50×26 Fury tires wrapped around 26×14 Forgiato wheels.

But what do you see when you’re driving behind Kenney? A patented Ram-Air rear diff cover. Believe it or not, Kenney pulls a trailer filled with toys. This explains the heim-jointed cross-bracing on his drop hitch. And, with the added weight of the trailer comes high temps in his AAM axle housing and differential. The Ram-Air cover rejects this heat by redirecting cool air up through it’s Ram-Air scoops, cooling its long thin fins. Not only does it extend the life of his gear oil, it looks good doing it. Banks Ram-Air diff covers are available for GM, RAM and Ford with new applications coming this spring.

Thanks to Joe Contreras from @rogue_ace_photography for the photos.