Ben Hollow’s Custom iDash Pod Business

The Banks iDash DataMonster and iDash SuperGauge have become so popular that a cottage industry has sprouted up around them. Ben Hollow is a general contractor by day and fabricator by night. The auto-enthusiast has been crafting mild-to-wild gauge mounts for a few years. Like many inventions, Ben’s first mounts were made out of necessity. He bought several late-model cars that simply had no way to easily accommodate a standard round 52mm gauge. So, Ben wanted to mount a gauge in his Camaro, he made a beeline down to his local GM parts department and bought a few air vents. He began experimenting with fiberglass and various epoxies, grafting circular MDF pods onto these factory dash pieces.

Ben cut his teeth on friends’ sports cars. But it was just a few pods here and a few pods there. It wasn’t until the Banks iDash that Ben’s pod business exploded. While many iDash owners enjoy the sturdiness and portability of Banks’ single and dual-pod suction mounts, just as many wanted a mount with a stock or custom appearance. For 2017-19 Silverado and Sierra owners, Ben offers that look by turning the factory headlight control panel into a gauge pod. He also has pods for Ford F-250s, RAM 2500, and more. In early 2020 he began offering pods made from the factory GM infotainment bezel.

Ben’s latest creation is his Corvette C8 pod (shown above). Yes, the dashboard shows more data than most cars, but it can’t display Banks’ patented suite of parameters which includes the racers’ favorite, Manifold Air Density.

For inquiries, hit Ben’s Facebook page.