iDash Eclipses Other Gauges on Eclipse

Here’s something that you don’t see on the road every day: a 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a 5-speed manual transmission. Kane isn’t one of the young men who are happy to go EV. He has too much to accomplish with his fossil fuel burner. “Right now I’m running the stock 3.8 liter V6, but there are plans for either a custom single turbo or twin-turbo in the near future. I have another engine that I’ll be beefing up. And down the road, I have plans of doing a full Evo swap, powertrain, and all. I’d like to make something like the 4th generation Ralliart prototype that never went into production.”

Interior of the Mitsubishi Eclipse showing the iDash installed

“One of the main reasons why I got the iDash SuperGauge was to read data from  OBD-II. I like keeping an eye on ignition timing, throttle response, and fuel trims among other things.  And by adding one of the Banks Analog Sensor Modules I can expand what I see as I modify the car. And even better, I’ll be able to see the precise effect the turbo has on the engine. I’ll know just how effective it is. Guessing about performance in my Eclipse is over. Now I’ll know everything.”