Here’s everything we’re doing to this 2020 RAM

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The addition of a new test vehicle to the fleet is always an important part of the business not only because it’s a new toy, but more so that it means we’re serious when it comes to new product development. In the grand scheme of development, there’s only so much you can do by borrowing a customer’s vehicle. Measurements, form, fit, and finished product testing are the most that you can and should do on a loaned vehicle. But Banks takes things further: full instrumentation and proper testing make for the best products on the market. 

This means that some “invasive surgery” is needed to place the instrumentation sensory network. From how airflow travels through the front of the vehicle, under it, the conditions in the intake system to the turbo, temperatures, pressures, voltages, ECM communication… basically overlaying a nervous system that will allow the engineers access to vital data whenever they need it. The instrumentation goes way beyond anything we’d do to a customer-loaned vehicle. For example, our 2018 Silverado 6.6L Duramax and 2019 Ford 6.7L each have more than 30 pressure and temperature sensors mounted throughout. 

What’s brewing for the RAM/Cummins product development? First off, the truck is currently equipped with the iDash DataMonster which captures and logs all of the information from the otherwise stock truck. This will help both the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Teams baseline the truck’s performance. Tucked under the dash is a PedalMonster throttle booster which is monitored and controlled by the iDash DataMonster.

A Ram-Air Differential Cover for the 14-bolt AAM differential has made its way through R&D and has been approved for production. We expect to see it available to RAM owners in Spring 2021. But it’s the development of the Derringer inline tuner, Ram-Air intake system, the 5” Zero-Backpressure Monster Exhaust, 50-state legal Monster-Ram intake manifold, intercooler upgrade, and high-flow boost tubes that cement a robust product group for the late model Cummins. All of these products combined will offer RAM owners not only unrivaled power and efficiency but safety features exclusive to Banks.

Watch Gale Banks introduce you to the new RAM. His excitement for the new products is almost contagious.