G&J Diesel

Jay Sandvig: Outside Sales

Jay Sandvig of G&J Diesel gave himself the title of “Diesel Pharmacist,” but his official title is Outside Sales. In the three years that he’s worked there, he’s seen a lot of growth. The company originally started in the mid-’80s by then partners Gary and Jon (hence the G&J). Brad Makinen, a former boilermaker, bought the business in August of 1993 after he decided that he needed a change in career. Since the business was already established, he decided to keep the name and work on growing the business. G&J Diesel was originally a small office with one bay in a little industrial complex, but Brad and his wife Tracy had expansion plans in mind. “We’re kinda in an industrial park,” explained Jay, “and through the years we’ve pretty much taken over the whole row of units where we are. There used to be 5 or 6 individual businesses here, but we’ve taken the whole thing over. Now our business has 5 pull-through bays in our shop, an office building, and a machine shop.

G&J Diesel Lift

Today G&J Diesel serves as a one-stop-shop for customer’s needs providing anything from routine maintenance to full-blown aftermarket tricked out goodness. The business is also a stocking warehouse dealer servicing surrounding shops with an abundance of available parts. And in their machine shop, they rebuild engines such as the 6.0 Power Stroke to be extremely reliable, and they build gas and diesel racing engines as wildly demonstrated with their Dirty Max drag vehicle. The company will also be working on rugged off-road performance packages. Their first demo vehicle was put on hold during the pandemic, but now that things are ramping up will see the light of day. Their SEMA concept, based on a Colorado, will have an Overlanding tent and feature mild performance upgrades with a focus on off-road capabilities.

G&J Diesel Showroom

G&J Diesel has a lot to offer, from simple service to all-out blistering, high-horsepower build capability. So, if you’re in the Billings, Montana area give them a visit.

G & J Diesel
1739 Main Street
Billings, MT 59105
(406) 248-6366