Gale Banks: Making Power Since 1958, Still Breaking Records

Have you seen Michael Harding’s article in #StreetMuscle Magazine? Nice little history and #BanksPower visit piece. You should give it a read. It will give you a little insight to Gale Banks, his early beginnings and the evolution of Banks Power. Here is how the article starts…

“As gearheads, we’re always looking for ways to make power. So, if we tell you that you can get a 50 horsepower increase on a basic build, that’s not too bad, right? But if we tell you that a 14 year old kid had spent two years rebuilding his mother’s engine and got a 65 horsepower bump, that might pique your curiosity. Now, what if we told you that kid did it in the mid-1950s, and his mother’s car was a 1931 Model A, would that make you want to know a little bit more about this wonder kid?”

We know you will want to read the full article, so go here: Still Breaking Records

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