Fan Focus: Kiel Gillis

Kiel Gillis tows his trailer most of the time and can be described as a retired Marine Corps veteran, avid shoot and explorer. Kiel’s 2019 Duramax-powered GMC Sierra 2500 HD spends most of its time towing his 24-foot travel trailer cross country. The truck has been outfitted with a custom aluminum camper shell built specifically for the truck and includes a platform on top so he can shoot off of it. “I depend on this truck,” says Kiel, “It’s basically a secondary home that’s kind of like a very basic Overland vehicle.”

Additional upgrades to his truck include an auxiliary 50-gallon fuel tank, an air suspension in the back, fortified front suspension, and he’s working on custom skid plates. Adding power to the truck is a Banks Derringer with iDash SuperGaugeMonster Exhaust and Ram-Air intake. “This is not a ‘Bro-Truck’,” remarks Kiel. “Those kind of trucks are jacked up sky high with big tires and the truck never gets used for what the design was intended for. On my truck everything’s there for function, and it gets used for exactly what it was made for.”

One of the features that Kiel likes about the Derringer is the ability to change power levels so easily on the fly. “I like the benefit of having the extra power with the Derringer, but what I like more is being able to use the different power setting for towing, changing the power when I don’t have my trailer behind me or want to have more performance. The Derringer makes it possible to gain access to power when I need it, no matter what the situation calls for. And the iDash makes a very useful companion to the Derringer. Kiel elaborated with “When I was installing the Ram-Air I didn’t tighten a hose clamp enough and threw a fault code. The iDash helped me diagnose what it was that day and got me back on the road without having to go to a dealership. That kind of tool is ideal for my lifestyle.”

Going along with the theme of everything needed to have a function, Kiel had his reasons for upgrading the exhaust system. “My reason for buying the Monster Exhaust wasn’t necessarily to try to get more horsepower, but to save my trailer. Since I’m towing my trailer a majority of the time the Monster exhaust made complete sense because it kicks the exhaust gasses out to the side instead of directly to the front of the trailer. When I go through regen I don’t want to burn it up, and with the Monster Exhaust I don’t even have to worry about it.”

Kiel had one more reason to be a Banks Fan: the connection Banks has with their customers. “Customer service has been great! The fact that when I call I get a human being is awesome. I received the exhaust damaged, communicated with an actual person, took photos and sent them in to the same contact… and got a replacement literally days later. Banks has been on the spot for addressing any problems or questions that I have had. As a customer that’s added value to me and added trust.”

Thank you for your service Kiel, call any time.