1997: Bonneville Memories

In ’97 Gale was asked to write for the 49th Annual Bonneville Speed Week program. His story, “Memories of Bonneville: My Memories of Bonneville Are All a Blur”, was published in the program and was later included in the book “The All-American Hot Rod: The Cars. The Legends. The Passion.” Which was first printed in 2004 and just recently re-released. Read the article here.

Gale’s association and affinity for the Salt Flats is stemmed deep in his history as he piloted his Studebaker setting the top speed in for its class in 1964 exceeding 180 mph there, and then in 1966 when he went 184.52 mph in the same car. Bonneville proved to be one of the ultimate forms of testing the engineering that goes into a race vehicle and a way of proving a vehicle’s mettle. Gale Banks and his company continue this tradition of breaking records and setting the foundation for product excellence.