Erica’s Tundra just got better acceleration!

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After adding 37″ tires, Erica’s 2017 Toyota Tundra felt sluggish. Stepping on the pedal wasn’t producing the same response as it did with stock tires. She stopped by Banks to install a PedalMonster throttle booster, which instantly restored her throttle response. Her reaction says it all. 

PedalMonster works with the following Tundras:
2007-2021 5.7L
2007-2009 4.7L
2010-2020 4.6L
2007-2020 4.0L

PedalMonster standalone (mobile app-controlled)
PedalMonster with iDash Super Gauge (OBD monitor/controller)
PedalMonster with iDash DataMonster (adds data recording)

The only OBD-connected throttle booster, PedalMonster is the smartest and safest device of its kind. It gives you the ability to custom-tailor your Toyota’s throttle response. Patented features like ActiveSafety health monitoring circuitry, Reverse Safety, and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim set it apart from all competitors. When you put your vehicle in reverse, all other throttle boosters give you the same increased sensitivity. You don’t want to go fast in reverse! PedalMonster knows when you’re in reverse and returns you to stock throttle response. If your car or truck suffers from dead-pedal, sponge pedal, or sluggish throttle response, PedalMonster is the cure. And, it’s warranty-friendly. After removal, it’s undetectable.

PedalMonster features: 

🏁 Kills dead pedal
🏁 Gives you ultimate control over throttle sensitivity
🏁 Improves engine response time
🏁 Compatible with 100+ cars and trucks
🏁 30 unique throttle maps
🏁 City, Sport, Track modes with 10 unique levels each
🏁 OBD-II connected 
🏁 Reverse Safety returns pedal to stock in reverse gear
🏁 Adjustable Low-Speed Trim prevents wheel spin at slow speeds, great for towing, sand, snow, or ice. 
🏁 Warranty-friendly: No footprint left behind after removal