Dyno Cell 2 Progress

Fans of Banks’ YouTube and Facebook channels have inquired, “What happened to Killing A Duramax and the Super-Turbo video series?” Here’s the answer: We paused to make way for a dyno overhaul. 

The SuperFlow engine dynamometer in Cell 2, although a workhorse, was due for an upgrade to increase accuracy and the ability to measure greater torque, for longer periods of time. Additionally, the new state-of-the-art AVL system includes emissions evaluations equipment that meets or exceeds the accuracy of similar systems employed at the California Air Resource Board. 

We’re speeding toward completion with the installation of the AVL’s dynamometer’s foundation, absorber, instrument rack, and our in-house designed water cooling system. Following the CAD mockup, the Banks electrical and mechanical engineering teams are assembling one of the most versatile dyno and emissions cells on the West Coast. Next week will see the moving and positioning of the finished assembled water-cooling tower hoisted via crane from the parking lot where it was assembled to its final resting spot adjacent to dyno cells 1 and 2. For a rundown of these main components, watch Dyno Cell Update 1 and Dyno Cell Update 2 where Gale goes into detail about this exciting test equipment and its capabilities.