Dirty Diesel Customs, West Kelowna, Canada

Jordan Powell, Owner

The snow has melted in West Kelowna, Canada, and people have been anxious to get their trucks up and running and back on the road. Jordan Powell of Dirty Diesel Customs is happy to help these anxious owners fulfill their pent up truck dreams.

Dirty Diesel Customs, West Kelowna, Canada Interior

Jordan bought Dirty Diesel Customs from his friend in 2011. What he got from his pal was the business name that was established back in ’08. He also got what remained of the small parts inventory. What Jordan thought was a cool way to get cheap truck parts and do side projects quickly snowballed into something else entirely. To his surprise, his phone kept ringing with people wanting work done.

Jordan already had a day job as a field mechanic repairing engines for big natural gas compressors, but with the continued demand for truck repairs, he decided to leave his job and open a little 1,200 square foot one bay shop.

Dirty Diesel Customs, West Kelowna, Canada Hot Rod

A few years ago his media manager Josh started to work on the company website and build up their e-commerce. Five buildings later the business that inhabited that little one lift shop has grown into a 10,000 square foot building housing 6 bays, a showroom, warehouse, engine dyno, full engine blueprinting facility, and more online sales than you can shake a keyboard at.

Dirty Diesel Customs, West Kelowna, Canada Monster Ram

Dirty Diesel Customs specializes in diesel and has all the right tools for the job. They’re a one-stop-shop for diesel repair, maintenance, engine work, and full truck customization and they routinely take their company drag truck out to competitions. 

Dirty Diesel Customs, West Kelowna, Canada Twin Ram

For Jordan his little scheme to get cheap parts for his truck turned into a full-time career, offering great service and the ability to ship all over Canada. If you’re in the beautiful lakeside town of West Kelowna, be sure to hit up Jordan and his crew.

Dirty Diesel Customs
6-1060 Stevens Road
West Kelowna, British Columbia Canada