Bob Elliot, Ford F-250 Power Stroke 6.0L

Bob Elliot’s 2006 Ford 6.0 liter Power Stroke is something special. Not only is it a rare special edition truck with only 73,000 miles, but aside from the Banks Big Hoss performance package, he’s never experienced the problems that plagued thousands of 6.0L engines. Bob’s daily driven diesel has “child-like” miles on it because it only saw a 4-mile commute, and now it’s even shorter that he’s retired. The truck has a special package that was offered in ’05 and ’06 model year called the “Amarillo Edition” which included a tow package, as well as several other exclusives. The dead giveaway of this special edition truck was its bright yellow paint scheme.

Bob Elliot, Ford F-250 Power Stroke 6.0L Amarillo

Bob installed the Banks Big Hoss Bundle in 2017 when he wanted to start towing the trailer that he bought for family trips and to say that he was impressed would be an understatement. “There was an immediate night and day difference between stock and the Banks system when towing,” said Bob, “and the truck returned even better than expected fuel economy! I towed in level 3 or 4 the entire time. It was a heavy trailer, especially when we filled the tank with water. That 105-gallon water tank added an additional 1,000 pounds to everything!”

Bob Elliot, Ford F-250 Power Stroke 6.0L RAM-Air

Except for the addition of the Banks upgrades, Bob’s Power Stroke is all-original. He hasn’t experienced any of the problems that the 6.0L engines were prone to, and drives with the Banks Six-Gun set to level 5 daily.

Bob Elliot, Ford F-250 Power Stroke 6.0L Yellow