Charlie Bernal, 2017 RAM EcoDiesel

iDash, Derringer, PedalMonster

To say Charlie Bernal was satisfied with the Banks products that he purchased would be a bit of an understatement according to his review. Maybe ‘satisfied’ isn’t a strong enough word to describe how Charlie actually feels about the differences between stock and Banks enhancements that he has experienced, so here’s his review:

“So we had added the Derringer to our 2017 Ram 3.0 and were absolutely floored with how much that system brought the truck to life. With all the hills in our small mining town, having that added performance was much needed. Yet, as mentioned in my Derringer review, that lag and at times squishy pedal still lived on. Granted, nowhere NEAR as bad as it was before we added Derringer.”

Charlie Bernal 2018 Ram iDash

Charlie’s praise didn’t end there. “Welp, we added our PedalMonster alongside the Derringer with iDash and I tell you what…this truck just became a freak. Had the wife set ol’ Larry the Laramie up to Sport 10 with Derringer 6, slam that pedal, and I felt like I needed to make right with God at that point. Man, oh man what a difference! Even setting the system back to a moderate level, that pedal lag is GONE. The truck responds so much better now (with the correct setup) and we could not be happier with our Ram AND the Banks setup we have going.”

He also mentioned, “Installation was done in 15 minutes and was super easy to incorporate with the Derringer/iDash we already had. As if the Derringer was not impressive enough, the Team at Banks said, ‘HOLD MY BEER’ and gave us something even more extraordinary to add to their lineup! Thanks again for another fantastic product and cannot wait to see what is yet to come. Now, all we need is our Monster Exhaust. That will come soon and I will review that as well once we have our complete Banks Power setup!”