Caesar Rodriguez’s 2020 L5P Silverado

Caesar Rodriguez wanted something a little extra for his new Duramax L5P 2020 Silverado, but had some criteria for a daily driver: It had to deliver real power and it had to be safe to run on his truck. Caesar ended up with a Banks Derringer and iDash DataMonster

“I installed it all last week,” said Caesar, “and I’m totally loving it so far. I went with the Banks product after researching a lot about them compared to the others out there and figured out it was the best I could get. The thing that sold me was that it added real horsepower and torque, and with all of the safety systems it has, it was just the better choice for my truck. The best part is that it is a tuner, not a flash-programmer so if I need to take it off for any reason it’ll be like it wasn’t even there!”

Caesar Rodriguez's 2020 L5P Silverado Exhaust

Caesar also took a stealthy approach to where he mounted his iDash. “I found a spot just to the side of my steering column. I’ve never seen it placed there. You don’t need any other mounting supplies other than what came in the derringer kit, and it’s out of the way in case you want to mount any other things up top. I can still see it and control the levels of the Derringer easily.”

Caesar Rodriguez's 2020 L5P Silverado iDash

So what does the Texan do with his truck? “Aside from driving it every day I use it to tow my 16′ trailer with the RZR on it and few other supply’s on the weekends. I like to take my RZR off-roading to different locations here. With the Derringer my truck, which has a 7″ lift and runs on 24x14r37s, gets to anywhere I want to go quickly.”