Gillett Diesel Service, Inc

Trysta Peterson: Parts Manager

Gillett Diesel Service is one of those companies that has stood the test of time, growing and expanding not only the services that they offer but their knowledge on both products they carry and the very vehicles they service on a day to day basis. Richard Gillett originally worked for Certified Injection before opening his own shop diesel injection and repair shop in 1986, renting a small bay from his father-in-law who owned a towing company and body shop repair in Midvale. His clientele quickly grew large enough that the little single bay, the one-man shop was just not suitable, and it became time to get his own shop. There he serviced customer vehicles and continued rebuilding of injection pumps.

Gillett Diesel Service Reception

Today Gillett Diesel Service is housed in two large buildings: The main building contains 16 bays and runs two crews to satisfy all of the customer’s needs, and a second building that has room for working on motor homes and semis built. This second building also contains a warehouse, turbo rebuild, and injection rebuild shops. Gillett supplies parts to repair facilities and shops all across America and makes sure that they keep a deep supply for customers. Trysta Peterson, Parts Manager and a 10-year veteran of the organization, is proud to work at such a multi-faceted company. “We dabble in just about everything”, says Trysta, “and our warehouse is virtually to max capacity with all of the products and parts that we cover. We really need a third building.”

Gillett Diesel Service Shop

Gillett Diesel Service has the experience and ability to completely service any mechanical aspect of a customer’s vehicle, and that’s a huge plus for their customers. Trysta added “I would say what Gillett Diesel is known for is our customer service and knowledge that we offer to our customers. We’ve been around for 34 years, seen the changes in the diesel landscape, and rebuild injection and turbo components. 

Gillett Diesel Service Exterior

When it comes to our dealers, we instill confidence because not only do we carry the parts that they’re looking for, but we also have extensive experience installing them since we’re a full-service shop. Finding a warehouse distributor that can also troubleshoot is very hard to find, but at Gillett, we pass on our product and technical knowledge so that customers know they’re getting the right part for the job and the most bang for their buck.”

Gillett Diesel Service Employees

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