Bill Preece’s 2011 Dodge Challenger SXT

As a former ASE Mechanic, Bill Preece is well versed in all things mechanical so when he decided it was time to add a throttle booster, he turned to Banks. 

“In May of 2020, I managed to get myself a 2011 Dodge Challenger SXT that was only $7,999, using my stimulus check, plus a trade-in of a worn 2007 Chevy Trailblazer for a down payment. I wanted white because of the classic movie Vanishing Point,” explains Bill.

“The 3.6L VVT Pentastar V6 is a solid can-do engine, but I wish there were more performance parts for it. Rather than taking a gamble on a tuner, I began looking into pedal enhancers and did heavy research. The popular Pedal Commander sounded okay at first, then I read hundreds of complaints about many vehicles going into limp mode. 

I talked to two people from local car clubs with Mopars and said they had theirs go into the dreaded limp mode. Last thing I want is to be going through an intersection or getting onto the interstate or highways and having the vehicle just not respond.

So I kept searching and found out about the Banks PedalMonster. Banks is well known to me and my uncle, a former A.S.E. diesel mechanic and race car builder. Then I saw Gale’s PedalMonster video and was sold because of the company’s reputation. They put a premium on safety. It’s a win, win, win.

I love the difference in the response with the PedalMonster and since then I’ve been letting others on the forums know about PedalMonster which is a safer option for about virtually the same cost as the competition. I only do that about things I believe in and trust.

The device is easy to install with just a few steps to follow and carefully attaching the wires. If I ever get lucky enough to get an R/T I would install a PedalMonster in it as well. Until then I want to turn my SXT into a Vanishing Point tribute Car. I’ll be doing some interior mods with classic wood grain style panels, shifter knob, pedals.

Here are some exterior Photoshop renderings. My goal is to add a Retro USA bumper kit, a small body side marker mod, and convince US Wheel or Year One to custom produce Steel Rally Mopar Wheels in a 18 x 9 with +24 offset and 5x115mm bolt pattern. I’d complete my Vanishing Point Kowalski Tribute look with a splash of Hurst Performance style stripe. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the PedalMonster’s added smiles.