A surprising fit for the iDash

At a curb weight of just 1,460 pounds and sporting a little 1.5L turbocharged engine revving under the hood that churns out just shy of 200 horsepower, the three-wheeled Vanerhall Venice is a rocket ship. Classified as a motorcycle, this sporty little trike is a combination of steampunk and futuristic themes.

Nic Gilding is a proud owner of one such Vanderhall, and he has his reasons for owning one. “It’s not as safe as a car,” admits Nic, “but it’s a whole lot safer than a motorcycle with exceptionally more braking power if someone decides to dart out in front of me! See, I was in a pretty bad cycle accident some time ago, and I don’t want to go through that again because people are in their own world and not thinking about others on the road. The other day someone just darted in front of me and the Vanderhall was totally controllable and stopped on a dime. With this open cockpit, I still get the feeling of being out on the open road.”

Nic wanted to know a little more than the sparse dash of the Vanderhall was telling him, so he turned to Banks. “The iDash SuperGauge takes the place of the factory boost gauge, which itself is an option. It’s a rather minimalist type of dash, so having this little gauge that gives me so much data is just great. I’m used to using cellphone-based gauge apps that use a Bluetooth dongle on my previous cars, but I wanted something that would be dedicated to the car. Since it’s an automatic with a manual shift mode, one of the things I use it for is to tell me what gear I’m in. I’ve also set alerts to run in the background for my fluid temps. I like to take it easy on the thing when it’s just getting warmed up, but when I see those little alerts pop up I know it’s ready and that it’s time to play. There are so many other things I look at on the iDash, it’s just a great tool!”