2010 – Duramax Day at the NHRA Museum

Gale Banks Engineering, in connection with GM Powertrain, hosted a group of media members, educators, technicians, lead users and aftermarket Duramax specialists for a deep dive into the Duramax engine’s history and the then current technology. This “Duramax Day” was conceived as a way to bring together suppliers, manufacturers and integrators together with the media and businesses with a stake in Duramax. The event was held at the Wally Parks NHRA Museum at the Pomona Fairgrounds, a significant site considering the history of the engine and the audience on hand.

Speakers included:

  • Mike Cochran, Assistant Manager of Manufacturing/Engineering at the Duramax Assembly plant in Moraine, Ohio, who spoke about the assembly of the Duramax, from block to finished engine, and the quality/consistency measures that are employed
  • Gale Banks, President of Gale Banks Engineering, spoke on the versatility of the Duramax when it comes to marine, racing, and military applications, and offer some observations based on thousands of hours of dyno testing.
  • Mark Herman, Diesel Technical Specialist and Senior Application Engineer for Duramax highlighted the evolution of the Duramax, from the LB7 to the current platform.
  • Banks Market Development Manager John Espino delivered a presentation supplied by Bosch, providing a detailed, technical look at the Bosch products that support the Duramax.

At the end of the session, attendees had access to the speakers, their materials and time to network with each other over a catered lunch. Based on the feedback from the group of industry insiders that were on hand that day they all agree that they learned a lot and appreciated the deep dive into the engine creating an ever increasing appreciation of the incredibly stout engine.