2008 Honda Civic Type R (Euro Spec FN2)

Pascal Bohnet

Banks products are well known with diesel enthusiasts (and with performance enthusiasts in general) in the United States, having been at the forefront of hot rod and diesel power for more than 60 years. This is a given, but the amount of products that actually get used overseas is quite surprising. Diesel performance systems in places like Sweden, Australia, and more are not as uncommon as one would think but are still specialized because they can only be used for imported American trucks. Now the iDash DataMonster… that’s a whole different story. Such is the case of Pascal Bohnet’s and his 2008 Euro-Spec Honda Type R.

2008 Honda Civic Type R

Pascal, a CNC machinist in Germany, has been tuning cars for 30 years. His tuning on his own prize Honda Type R includes HKS intake, Schrick camshafts, Invidia g200 stainless steel exhaust system, Honda Data Flash Pro re-flashed ECM. In the past, he’d install analog gauges and extra sensors and instrumentation. “I always had fun doing that,” said Pascal, “but the iDash is such an amazing advancement making things so much easier! To me, data such as oil temperature, water temperature, the temperature of the exhaust system, and the catalytic converter are very important.”

2008 Honda Civic Type R Euro

So the question is why would Pascal choose the iDash over more readily available overseas gauges? “I primarily decided on your product because it looks the best to me, and I like the fact that it is expandable with the 4-Channel Sensor Modules. I knew immediately that I had to get this product, but I had to order it in the USA because unfortunately, we have no Banks dealers in Germany.

2008 Honda Civic Type R Vtec

With the iDash and its direct connection to the OBD2 port, I can read lots of parameters that I didn’t even know that I could and delete any error memory. The DataMonster’s ability to data log makes it easy to record and review all the parameters that I want to see at any time. The iDash’s display has a great resolution, and I can easily read the information at any time with just a glance. I also think that features like the Shift and RPM indicators and important, and I use them all the time.”

As proven by Pascal, the iDash is not just for diesel, and it’s a product that so smart that it does its job in just about any vehicle anywhere in the world. At Banks, we don’t just speak diesel, we speak vehicle performance… and that’s a truly universal language.