The new turbo provides the best of both worlds, off road and on.

The Jeep TJ’s performance was lacking from the factory, and only got worse after adding a lift, larger tires, and numerous bolt-ons. I had looked into everything from strokers to engine swaps, and nothing really fit the bill. Then I heard about the new Banks Sidewinder Turbo kit – and it was exactly what I was looking for.

The new turbo provides the best of both worlds, off road and on.

On the road it makes the Jeep much more enjoyable to drive, whether you’re merging onto the highway, trying to pass someone on the open road, or simply running around town. It’s also much more relaxed getting up mountain grades; the engine no longer struggles and you’re not constantly downshifting at every curve. The extra power makes a night & day difference; the Jeep is more relaxing to drive if you just want to cruise, and a lot more fun when you want to step on it.

Off-road is another story. The first time I took the Jeep off road with the new turbo I had a permanent grin plastered on my face, and couldn’t stop using the word ‘Epic’. We took the Jeep on some old fire roads and discovered we had the power to spin the tires, slide around corners, etc… My wife actually laughed at how many times I said ‘Wow’ and ‘Epic’ out on the trail that day. Then when it came time to hit the rocks the turbo continued to shine. There is no turbo-lag and it makes tremendous torque right off of idle, which is perfect for rock-crawling.

A couple weeks later we took the Jeep to the sand dunes, and it was an animal. Before the turbo it just wasn’t that much fun in the sand. There wasn’t enough power to climb the big dunes or to get the tires spinning. Getting through the dunes took a lot of effort. But after the turbo it was like a whole new machine – plenty of power and torque to spin the tires, climb the large dunes, etc… We could go anywhere, and have fun doing it.

The new turbo provides a great balance of power and drivability. It’s fun getting to and from the trails, and even more fun once you get there.

Thanks for everything!

Newbury Park, CA