97732 2011-2016 Ford F250-550 Stealth Pod Installation Guide

Part #s 63374 63375

Gauge Pod 2011-2016 Ford F250-F550

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

Single iDash Stealth Pod with iDash installed for 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty

Part Number 63374 & 63375

Fits the A-Pillar below found in the:
• 2011-2016 Ford F250-F550

Installation Guide

Note: If you’ve chosen to paint the pods yourself, please visit bankspower.com/paint to get perfectly matched spray paint. No primer is needed just three to four light coats.

What’s Included

• iDash Stealth Pod

• Step Bit

• Hex Screw

• Washer

• 5mm Hex Key

If anything is missing, please call us at 800-601-8072 immediately!

Tools Required

• Plastic Pry Tool
• Socket Wrench
• 10mm, 7mm Socket
• Drill

Step-by-step Installation

1. Before starting the installation, use your 10mm socket to remove the terminal and disconnect both batteries.

This is important because you’ll be working near an airbag and you don’t want it to go off.

2. Pull off about three feet of the weather stripping from just below the dashboard to the top of the A-pillar.

The weather seal is held in with pressure, and will pop right out with your finger tips.

3. Pry the side dashboard cover open to gain access to run cables through.

Beware: If you use a screwdriver, it could leave a mark on the soft plastic. A plastic pry tool and/or rag is recommended.

4. With a plastic pry tool, pop the covers that cover the handle bolt.

Beware: If you use a screwdriver, it could leave a mark on the soft plastic. A plastic pry tool and/or rag is recommended.

5. Use a 7mm socket to remove bolt.

Note: These bolts have retaining washers that keep them from falling out.

Do the same with the lower bolt

Keep turning the bolt until the handle is free from the truck.

Cable Access Hole Prep & Drilling

6. Bring the pillar to a work bench with a non-slip surface.

7. Locate the rear retaining washer that is behind the lower bolt hole.

This washer needs to be removed, and will not be reused for the Stealth Pod installation.

Use a screwdriver or a pair of pliers to keep the washer from spinning.

You may need to bend the washer to remove it from the bolt.

8. Remove the lower exterior bolt cover.

You can either carefully pinch the plastic tail end or simply cut it off.

9. Grab your Stealth Pod and a marker.

Use your Stealth Pod as a guide & mark a dot as the center for the cable access hole on the A-Pillar.

Important Drilling Note:
To drill the hole correctly and prevent the step bit from walking. You will start drilling 90° perpendicular to the plastic surface. 

10. Place the bit in your drill and wrap a piece of painter’s tape around it so you don’t plunge deeper than the 18mm mark.

11. Start drilling 90° perpendicular to the spot you marked. Continue to drill until the 2nd or 3rd step.

12. As you continue to cut into the plastic, change the angle of your drill about 45°-60° as you widen the hole.

This is to avoid hitting the metal brace and internal plastic on the back side of the pillar.

9. You will need to drill to the 16mm step for a single iDash cable, or to 18mm if you have a PedalMonster or Derringer.

Check that your cable(s) pass through the hole before returning to the truck.

Stealth Pod Installation

10. Pass your cables through the access hole as you return to the truck.

11. Loosely re-attach the A-Pillar. You can thread the top bolt back in a bit by hand to keep the pillar from moving.

12. Run the cables down the side of the dashboard. Check that you have enough slack in the cable to reach under and into the OBD-II port.

Once connected, tidy up the extra cable up and out of the way.

13. Extra cables can be wrapped up and held with a zip-tie.

14. Return to the other end of the cable with your Stealth Pod.

Run your cables through the access hole.

Line up the Stealth Pod to the pillar.

15. Grab the 5mm Hex bolt and washer.

16. Tighten to 8-10 in-lbs. Due to the design of this Stealth Pod, over-tightening the bolt can cause a failure in the plastic. Please hand-tighten until the pod is snug against the factory pillar. Do not tighten beyond this point.

17. Connect the 4 pin OBD-II Cable to the back of the iDash.

If you have a Derringer or PedalMonster, Plug in the 6 pin connector as well.

18. Slide the iDash into place, taking up the slack as you go.

There should be just enough slack to pull the iDash out, if needed.

19. Finish tightening the top bolt of the pillar and re-attach the cap.

20. Snap the side dashboard cover back on.

20. Push the weather stripping back on.

21. Confirm the Banks logo is straight and level.

22. Reattach the negative terminals to both batteries. And Enjoy your new iDash Stealth Pod.