97706 Banks High-Flow Boost Tubes for 2011 Chevy/GMC Turbo-Diesel Pickup Trucks

Part #s 25959

Banks High-Flow Boost Tubes 2011 Chevy/GMC Turbo-Diesel Pickup Trucks

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

Tools required:
  • 3/8 Drive ratchet
  • Ratchet extension
  • Inch and metric deep sockets
  • Philips and flat blade screwdrivers
  • Highly Recommended Tools:
  • Foot-pound torque wrench
  • Inch-pound torque wrench

Required Tools

  • ½” Breaker Bar
  • 7, 10, 11, 22mm Sockets
  • 14mm wrench
  • Ratchet and extension
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • T-15 Torx

Bill Of Materials

Section 1: Preparing for Installation

1. Secure the truck on a lift and remove both front wheels to allow for full access.

To remove the fender well, you will need a T-15 Torx bit.

2. Remove both of the front fender liners.

3. Using a 10mm socket, loosen and remove the negative terminal on the driver’s side battery.

Then move to the passenger’s side, and do the same on the 2nd battery.

Section 1: Removal of the OEM hot side tube

1. Undo the hose clamp holding the top of the OEM hot side tube to the turbo outlet.

2. Undo the hose clamp holding the bottom of the OEM tube to the charge air cooler Inlet.

3. With a side-to-side motion, pull back until it’s free.

5. Now pull the entire OEM hot side tube up and out from the Truck.

ATTENTION: Boost-Tube Clamps

When Installing the clamps, be sure the hose and clamps go on far enough to clear the bead on each end.

An improper installation, such as a clamp sitting directly on a bead or crossed diagonally, will result in a boost leak.

Section 2: Installation of the Banks Hot Side Boost Tube

Grab the Banks lower Hot-Side Boost-Tube hose and clamps.

6. Slide the smaller end of hump hose (#94511) with a 3-1/2 inch clamp (#92895) onto the Charge Air Cooler.

Once over the bead and secure, tighten the clamp to 5-ft/lb.

7. Slip on a 4-inch clamp (#92901) on the larger side, leave it loose for now.

8. From underneath the truck, work the lower Banks Driver Side Boost Tube up through the wheel well.

Leave the Boost-Tube loose in the wheel well for now to allow for movement when you install the upper Boost-Tube.

9. Grab the Banks Upper Hot-Side Boost-Tube (#41316), its two hoses (#94299 & #94293), and four clamps. (#92852, and 3x #92901)

10. Slip on a 4-inch clamp (#92901) on the lower Hot-Side Boost-Tube for now.

11. Rotate the upper Hot-Side Boost-Tube until the top can slip into the turbo outlet hose.

Use flathead screwdriver to help pry the hose over the tube.

12. Tighten the upper clamp on the middle Hump Hose.

Slip the lower Hot-Side Boost-Tube into the hump hose, and tighten as well.

13. Slip the lower hose onto the Boost tube. Be sure it slides in far enough for the clamp to clear the bead. Tighten to 5-ft/lb.

14. With the lower clamps secure, return to the top clamps and tighten to 5-ft/lb.

Section 3: Removal of the OEM cold side tube

1. Start by loosening the two clamps on the factory intake tube.

2. Lift and remove the factory air intake tube from the truck.

3. Unplug the Air Intake Sensors on the factory air box and cold side boost tube.

4. Lift up and remove the factory airbox from the truck.

5. With a flathead screwdriver, tap the locking ring counter clockwise to unlock it from the throttle.

6. Loosen the lower retaining clip of the passenger side boost tube by rotating it counter clockwise.

7. Rotate and free the OE cold side boost tube.

8. Remove the Cold-Side Boost-Tube through the top of the truck.

9. Transfer the Intake Air Temp sensor to the Banks Cold-Side Boost-Tube

Section 4: Installing the Banks Cold Side Boost Tube

10. Install the upper Cold-Side Boost-Tube Hose (#94312) and Clamps. (#92895 & #92901)

10. Slip the smaller end of the lower cold side hose (#94311) and Clamp (#92897) onto the charge air cooler outlet.

11. Tighten the clamp to 5-ft/lb.

12. Slip a 4-inch clamp onto the other end, but leave it loose for now.

13. From the top of the truck, slide the Banks Cold-Side Boost-Tube down and into position with the lower cold side hose.

14. Slip the lower hose on, be sure it slides in far enough for the clamp to clear the bead.

15. Slip the Cold-Side Boost-Tube onto the throttle body hose (#94312) and 4.0″ clamp (#92901).

Tighten to 5 ft/lbs

16. Now tighten the lower Cold-Side Boost-Tube clamps.

17. Adjust the Boost Tube as needed for fitment, and be sure the beads are fully seated into the hoses before tightening the clamps to 5 ft-lbs.

18. Drop in and re-install the air intake system.

19. Plug in the air intake sensors.

20. Reinstall the fender liners.

21. Reinstall the front wheels.

22. Reconnect both batteries. Start the truck and check for any boost leaks or loose clamps.

And enjoy your new Banks Boost-Tubes.