97654 iDash 1.8 DataMonster and Super Gauge: Section 8: Min and Max Values

Part #s 66560, 66561, 66562, 66563, 61410, 66760

iDash 1.8 DataMonster® & Super Gauge Stand alone instrument for ALL 2008+ OBDII CAN bus vehicles

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

Section 8: Min and Max Values

Each iDash keeps an updated record of key parameter minimum/maximum values for you to view or reset. 

NOTE: Some vehicles report a very large value for an instant during vehicle power down. This might cause an inaccurate maximum log.

To view and/or clear your Minimum or Maximum logs:

  1. Select “Min/Max Log” from the main “MENU.” See Figure 8-1, A.
  2. Select either “Maximum Log” or “Minimum Log” to access logs. See Figure 8-1, B.
  3. To reset all current min/max values to zero, select “CLEAR ALL.” See Figure 8-1, C & D.

Maximum and minimum values are recorded for parameters on the Gauge Screen and on the “Background alerts” list. Min/Max values are recorded regardless if alerts are enabled or disabled.

NOTE: The parameter list in the “Min/Max Log” is linked to the “Background Alerts” and “Alerts” lists. Changing these in one menu will change them in every menu.

To add/change parameters in the “Min/Max Log” list:

  1. Select “Min/Max Log” from the main “MENU.” Then select “Set Parameter.”
  2. Select and “Alert #:” to change.
  3. Select “Change Parameter.” NOTE: If the alert is empty, you will be skipped to Step 4.
  4. Select a “GROUP” parameter.
  5. Select an “ITEM” parameter to change. You will be returned to the parameter’s alert options.

NOTE: The “Field #” list can only be modified in the Gauge Selection menu.