97654 iDash 1.8 DataMonster and Super Gauge: Section 14 Firmware Updates

Part #s 66560, 66561, 66562, 66563, 61410, 66760

iDash 1.8 DataMonster® & Super Gauge Stand alone instrument for ALL 2008+ OBDII CAN bus vehicles

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.

To ensure that your Banks Bus system is operating as designed, we recommended checking for firmware updates for your iDash or Banks Modules. To check for updates:

1. Visit our Product Updates page and find your product.

2. Insert a microSD card into your computer using a USB-to-microSD card reader or similar device.

3. Right-click on the appropriate firmware and select “Save Link As.” Save the file microSD card, which is typically labeled “Removable Disk.”

4. Click the “Save” button but do NOT change the file name of the firmware. Also, do NOT save the file in a folder.

5. Extract the firmware from the zip folder to your microSD card. Open a file browser and navigate to your microSD card and right-click on the zip file you downloaded and select “Extract Here.”

6. Eject and remove the microSD card from the computer by right-clicking on the removable drive and clicking on “Eject.”

7. In the vehicle, awake your iDash and insert the microSD card. You will see a notification that says the microSD card is synced.

NOTE: If updating Banks modules, any iDash connected could be used to update the modules.

If updating multiple iDash’s they must be updated one by one.

8. Go to the main “Menu” and select “Firmware Update.”

9. Scroll down and select the B-Bus Module/iDash that you want to update.


DO NOT remove the microSD card, OBD-II, power cable, or disconnect anything from the B-Bus network while an update is in process. Damage will be caused by failing to adhere.

10. Scroll down and select the latest firmware version you downloaded. The update process will be shown in a progress bar.

Once finished, a message will pop up saying the update is complete. It is now safe to remove the microSD card.

Repeat these steps for all iDash gauges or Banks Modules.