41890 Banks Ram-Air Intake for 2017-2019 Ford F250/F350/F450 6.7L Power Stroke

Part #s 41890, 41890-D

Banks Ram-Air® Intake System 2017-19 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke

Please read through the following instructions thoroughly before starting your installation. If you have any questions please visit our Support Page.


Locate MAF Sensor

Found on the intake tube near the airbox.

Remove sensor plug

Slide out red locking pin. It will only slide out about 1/8″. Sliding this pin back will allow you to depress the button just in front of it. While pushing button, push the plug in as if you were connecting it, then pull it away from the plug.

Remove the airbox lid.

Unclip the lid

Unclip the four pressure clips by pulling unsnapping them from the lid.

Loosen hose clamp

Loosen hose clamp on intake tube near turbo inlet.

Remove Intake

Remove intake and air box lid in one piece.

Protect Turbo

Cover turbo inlet with cloth to keep out debris and tools.

Remove Clip

Using a pry tool or screwdriver, remove the plastic retaining clip from the side of the airbox.

Loosen negative terminal

Loosen the negative terminal on the passenger side battery.

Remove negative terminal

Remove negative battery terminal from passenger side battery.

Repeat for driver side

Remove negative battery terminal from driver side battery.

Remove Positive Terminal

Remove positive terminal from passenger side battery. This will allow you to remove the battery.

Unbolt bracket

Remove bolt holding in the battery hold-down bracket.

Remove bracket

Remove the battery hold-down bracket.

Remove Passenger Battery

Remove passenger side battery with caution. Protect fender with cloth.

Remove fastener

Using a pry tool, remove plastic fasteners holding both wire harnesses to the side of the battery tray.

Remove other fastener

Remove the other plastic fastener.

Remove Pin

Use pry tool to remove plastic pin in front of air intake scoop. Slide up smaller inner pin. Then, remove plastic sheath.

Unclip Scoop

Locate both clips, one on either side of the air intake scoop near the base. With two hands, push each one in toward each other and lift up.

Remove Scoop

Lift intake air scoop up and out.

Remove bolts

Locate and remove three bolts holding down battery tray.

Remove battery tray

Remove bolts

Place battery trey on a workbench. Place on its side as shown below. Remove both bolts from the bottom of the tray.

Dislodge Plastic Pins

Using a small screwdriver, dislodge plastic locking pins that secure the intake air scoop tube to the battery tray.

Separate Scoop from Tray

Once dislodged, separate the intake air scoop tube from battery tray.

Remove Left Clip-Nut

Orient battery tray as shown here. Remove the clip-nut on the left as shown here. Do not remove the one on the right.

Insert Ram-Air

With the nose down, slide the Banks Ram-Air intake air box into engine bay.

Install battery box

Insert bolts

Located two Banks-supplied bolts and washers. Put a dab of thread locker on both. Thread them into holes located on the ledge on the inside of Banks airbox. Hand-tighten so assembly can still be adjusted.

Thread Banks bolt

Locate third Banks-supplied bolt and thread into bottom of battery tray.

Thread more bolts

Thread two stock bolts into holes in bottom of battery box. Hand tighten. Thread third bolt into side of battery tray.

Tighten bolts

Tighten bolts in Banks airbox.

Tighten Banks bolt

Tighten Banks-supplied bolt in bottom of battery tray.

Tighten bottom bolts

Tighten factory bolts in bottom of battery tray.

Tighten side bolt

Tighten bolt in side of the battery tray.

Snap fastener

Snap plastic cable fasteners into side of battery tray.

Snap other fastener

Replace battery

Place battery back in engine bay.

Insert Scoop

Slide intake air scoop down into slot. Be sure locking clasps click into position.

Position Rubber Surround

Place rubber surround behind radiator shroud.

Insert push-pin

Install battery bracket

Install battery hold-down bracket and tighten bolts.

Re-connect Positive

Re-connect positive terminal on battery.

Remove MAF Sensor

Remove MAF sensor from stock airbox.

Install MAF on Ram-Air

Using Banks supplied screws, install factory MAF sensor into Banks intake tube. Place a drop of thread locker onto screws.

Remove filter-minder

Locate the filter-minder on stock airbox and remove it.

Remove grommet

Remove the grommet from the stock airbox.

Insert grommet

Place grommet into Banks Ram-Air lid.

Insert filter-minder into grommet

Place smaller clamp

Locate the smaller supplied hose clamp. Slide over rubber elbow. Slide coupler over intake tube. Do not tighten yet.

Place larger clamp

Place larger supplied hose clamp over other side of rubber elbow.

Insert Filter

Place Banks Big-Ass filter into housing.

Put gasket around filter

Place pliable synthetic gasket around filter.

Slide rubber elbow over turbo inlet

Insert supplied flanged bolts. Starting with the corner nearest the MAF sensor, hand-tighten the bolts.

Insert bolt near MAF first

Insert flanged bolts starting with the corner nearest the MAF sensor, hand-tighten the bolts.

Insert the rest

Insert the rest and hand-tighten them.

Tighten bolts

Once bolts are all in place, tighten all four. You’ll need an open-end or box wrench for the one under the intake tube.

Connect MAF

Connect the MAF sensor plug and engage the red locking pin.

Tighten clamps

Tighten both hose clamps on rubber elbow. Do not over-tighten.

Re-connect Passenger Side Negative Terminal

Re-connect Driver Side Negative Terminal


Please use the following CARB approved emissions label and EO label location guidelines. We generally use the radiator shroud location.


You’ve installed the Ram-Air intake. Step back and admire your hard work.