Banks Sidewinder All-Terrain trucks

The World’s First Diesel Tuner Trucks

Banks Sidewinder All-Terrain

Banks Sidewinder All-Terrain packages debuted on Hot Rod Magazine’s Power Tour 2005, and Banks’ Power Stroke 6.0L, Duramax and Cummins Sidewinder All-Terrains handled the 1,700-mile “Long Haul” with ease.

Banks Sidewinder All-Terrains are engineered as complete packages that combine a plush daily-drivable ride with a high-level of off-road capability! You can buy the complete package and install it yourself or have it installed at Banks. Or, if you prefer, you can get your turnkey Sidewinder All-Terrain vehicle from Banks.

The power in Banks Sidewinder All-Terrain packages comes from Banks Big Hoss® Bundles, which supply the Power Stroke, Duramax and Cummins trucks with massive continuous horsepower and torque. Here’s the Sidewinder All-Terrain’s tire-smoking, eye-opening, head-snapping flywheel horsepower and torque numbers: 450 hp and 950 lb-ft (Duramax); 460 hp and 825 lb-ft (Power Stroke); and 500 hp and 1000 lb-ft (Cummins)*!

Big Hoss Bundles include Six-Gun® Diesel Tuner with Banks iQ man-machine-interface, Banks Ram-Air® intake system with lifetime Ram-Air filter, Techni-Cooler® intercooler assembly with bigger boost tubes, a high-flow High-Ram intake (Cummins and Power Stroke), BigHead® wastegate actuator (Duramax LB7 and Cummins), 4″ stainless straight-through Monster® muffler with constant-diameter Monster Diesel Duals exhaust and exclusive polished-stainless, slash-cut rolled-edge “ob-round” rolled-edge tailpipe tips (patent pending).

Banks is still revising the specifications on its three prototype trucks and final specifications are subject to change. The specs listed below are current to each of the three prototype Banks Sidewinder All-Terrain trucks. Please contact a Banks Power Consultant for details.

Suspension Lift Systems
Chevrolet/GMC shown with Banks/Fabtech 6″
Ford to feature Donahoe Racing’s 7″ suspension system
Dodge shown with Banks/KORE 3″
20″x10″ Weld Velociti 8
Toyo Open Country M/T 35×12.50R20LT
Ford Optional 38×15.50R20LT
Banks Sidewinder® All-Terrain billet aluminum badges (one each side, one rear)
Axle Ratios
Chevrolet/GMC 4.11:1 ratio
Dodge 4.10:1 ratio
Ford 4.56:1 ratio (with optional 38″ tires)
Body and Paint
Front and rear fender flares, monochromatic paint, other treatments vary: special Chevrolet front grille, special Dodge hood, Chevrolet/GMC front bumper “lift” kits (ask salesperson for details)
Banks BilletTM Torque Converter; Banks Brake® and SmartLock® (Cummins)
*Horsepower and torque numbers measured at the flywheel. Results may vary depending upon options.

Check out these trucks in action…

“BIG HOSS DURAMAX” with Stacey David on TRUCKSTV

“BIG HOSS DODGE part 1” with Ian and Jessi on Xtreme 4×4

“BIG HOSS DODGE part 2” with Ian and Jessi on Xtreme 4×4

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