Banks Ram-Air® Intake for Jeep 3.6L Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT

New cold air intake with over-sized filter outflows and outfilters the competition.

Banks Power, an innovator in gas and diesel performance for over 60 years, introduces the latest in its Ram-Air® family of emissions compliant performance cold air intakes. The new system gives the Jeep 3.6L Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT  exceptional horsepower and reliability by providing the engine with increased air density, airflow and the best filtration available.

The Ram-Air cold air intake adds a tested best-in-class airflow of 782 CFM, a gain of 82% over stock and 21.6% over its closest competitor. The system produces lower temperature air at higher pressure providing air density right at the throttle inlet. As a result, the Banks Ram-Air system boasts a 38% air density improvement compared to the stock intake, two times the increase of its closest competitor. This lower temperature air provides more thermal headroom before the engine hits the detonation limit of the fuel, resulting in more power on hot days.

Its durable molded plastic housing is fully enclosed, keeping power-robbing hot air in the engine bay where it belongs and not in the intake system. At the heart of the Ram-Air system is Banks’ new Big-Ass™ Filter element which is the largest and least restrictive in its class. Like all Banks Ram-Air intakes, the system was designed using computational fluid dynamics, followed by rigorous testing on the flow bench, dynamometer and on-road driving.

Available in both oiled and dry variations, Banks’ new Big-Ass™ filters offer 672 square inches of surface area, 21% more than their closest competitor. This allows for greater dirt collection and more miles between cleaning. The Ram-Air advantage becomes even more pronounced the dirtier the filter gets. Competitive filters clog up and become restrictive long before the Big-Ass Filter. Superior filtration is accomplished by using a proprietary multi-layer woven cloth that keeps even the finest dirt and debris out of the intake system while providing maximum airflow.

The Ram-Air also offers an appealing growl under acceleration while utilizing a Helmholtz resonator to eliminate the annoying drone found with competitive intake systems.  

Features Overview

  • 782 CFM, 82% gain over stock
  • 38% air density improvement over stock
  • More thermal headroom on hot days
  • 672 in2 filter, 21% larger than closest competitor
  • Greater dirt capacity than competitors 
  • More miles between cleanings
  • Appealing growl, no drone

The Banks Ram-Air cold air intake system (Part No. 41843 with oiled filter) (Part No. 41843-D with dry filter) fits all 2018-2020 Jeep 3.6L Wrangler JL and 2020 Gladiator JT engines and is available via Banks Power authorized dealers or at a low $390. CARB compliance in process.

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