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Time Machine Time Machine 1998 Banks OttoMind: the first intelligent tuner The Derringer is the latest in a legacy of performance tuners from Banks Power. By now you’ve heard about the features and benefits of the market’s best tuner, but did you know Banks was the first on the market with a tuner and that Banks also pioneered many of ... Read more about this post

Dealer Spotlight: American Diesel Power Dealer Spotlight: American Diesel Power American Diesel Power is passionately run by Patrick Runge. Even though the shop has been around for only a year Patrick is making quite a name for his place. While offering custom performance tunes and parts for a variety of trucks such as Duramax and Power Stroke powered ones, Patrick offers something that the other guys ... Read more about this post

PedalMonster Betas Preparing for Lunch PedalMonster Betas Preparing for Lunch The final round of beta testing for the forthcoming PedalMonster thottle booster is in preparation to send out to Banks’ Test Pilots. They’ll be given testing instructions for the 6-8 week trial run, reporting directly back with experiences, comments, and suggestions. When added to the battery of tests done the engineering team at Banks, the ... Read more about this post

Fan Focus: Matt Gillis Fan Focus: Matt Gillis Matt Gillis has two boys that wanted their own YouTube Channel so that they could make funny videos of themselves playing video games. Since they wanted to be “video stars” so badly, Matt thought of an ingenious way to get them away from their video games: allow them to have the experience of making videos ... Read more about this post

Tuner Kombat!!! Tuner Kombat!!! Derringer vs. Pulsar: TUNER KOMBAT! The latest challenger for the Derringer’s role of “Best Tuner” is the Edge Pulsar with claims of more power and fantastic features. There’s just one thing: You can say what you want, but can you back up your claims when stepping into the ring? Watch this latest video as Gale peels away fact ... Read more about this post

1997: Bonneville Memories 1997: Bonneville Memories In ’97 Gale was asked to write for the 49th Annual Bonneville Speed Week program. His story, “Memories of Bonneville: My Memories of Bonneville Are All a Blur”, was published in the program and was later included in the book “The All-American Hot Rod: The Cars. The Legends. The Passion.” Which was first printed in ... Read more about this post

Fan Focus: Kiel Gillis Fan Focus: Kiel Gillis Kiel Gillis tows his trailer most of the time and can be described as a retired Marine Corps veteran, avid shoot and explorer. Kiel’s 2019 Duramax-powered GMC Sierra 2500 HD spends most of its time towing his 24-foot travel trailer cross country. The truck has been outfitted with a custom aluminum camper shell built specifically ... Read more about this post

Toys For Trucks Toys For Trucks Toys For Trucks (TFT) was established in 1985, but James Haskins has owned and operated the business for the past 25 years. TFT services Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley, and all points in between including service contracts with the local military base. James started working at Toys For Trucks when he graduated high school and has made ... Read more about this post

R&D: Banks PedalMonster R&D: Banks PedalMonster The Electrical Engineering team at Banks have been busy at work to bring you the latest in-line smart module, the PedalMonster! Now it’s time to let you in on the secret. This plug-and-play module easily connects to your vehicle and allows you to adjust its throttle response, eliminating the dreaded “dead pedal.” Banks also loaded ... Read more about this post

Worst Supercharger Ever? Worst Supercharger Ever? CarCast Podcast co-host Matt D’Andria bought a 1995 Ford F-150 Lightning equipped with a Ford Motorsports centrifugal belt-driven supercharger. Curious how much power the supercharger was adding, Matt drove the cherry condition Lightning straight to Banks for a run on the rollers. As Jeff from the Engineering Dept. strapped down the truck in preparation for a few ... Read more about this post