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We’ve got a new project at Banks Engineering This bad boy just rolled in this morning and we’ve got some major “sidewinder” plans for it (rubbing hands together like a mad scientist). We’re not allowed to spill the beans yet, but we do plan on having some fun with the project as well as documenting the work in progress. But to give you ... Read more about this post

Turbocharging is the life for me: Part 1 My Dad was Irish and German.., talk about internal conflict. In the early 50’s we built a house. I measured, he cut and we framed. We brought it out of the ground together and we roofed it together. He was a perfectionist and the house was perfect. Except the time he tried to kill me ... Read more about this post

My Memories of Bonneville Are All a Blur Before there was drag racing… Before there was NASCAR… Before there was off-road, Baja, SODA, SCORE… Before there was road racing, IMSA, Trans-AM, Formula One, FIA… Before there were Indy cars, sprinters, midgets, hobby stocks, rally cars, Pikes Peak, Destruction Derby and the World of Outlaws. Before there were Mears, Unsers, Andrettis, Foyt and Barney ... Read more about this post

Unholey Water I have a dear friend, his name is David Kennedy, he works at Hot Rod Magazine. We met for breakfast this morning, we do this occasionally. The time never fits the conversation available, but each subject is always treated with due respect. Today I committed to sharing some knowledge, in the magazine, on two of my ... Read more about this post

My name is Gale and I’m a Gearhead If it has an engine, I’m interested but I’ve got another symptom…I’ll take power any way I can get it.   Keep this on the down low…I’m a futurist as well. I’m all about new untried engine concepts or fuels. But there’s a war going on in my head because I love where I’ve been, what that ... Read more about this post

Turbo systems for 2007-11 Jeeps are almost here What’s been one of biggest sellers for the 4.0L Wrangler is now coming for the 3.8L. Hot on the heels of one of our hottest sellers–the Banks Sidewinder Turbo system for Jeep Wrangler 4.0L–is our much anticipated turbo system for the 3.8L Wranglers. Breathe new life into your Jeep with the complete bolt-on system, engineered for ... Read more about this post

Nissan and Cummins and Banks Power Oh Yeah When you hear the word “Nissan” we’ll bet it doesn’t make you think of diesels.  But that may change soon… DIESEL GOODNESS! Nissan is betting their upcoming Cummins-powered “Titan XD” will appeal not just to people who like Nissans and to people who like diesels, but to gasoline folks who haven’t yet experienced the performance of ... Read more about this post

2014 Trailer Life Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards Banks makes the grade again! Trailer Life Seal of Approval – Readers’ top pick in their third annual RV poll. Readers’ top picks in our third annual RV poll. One of the great things about RVers is a nearly universal willingness to share hard-earned RV know-how. Visit any RV park, and chances are, it won’t take long ... Read more about this post

Day 6 of Ultimate Adventure As we pulled out, we took one last look at Shaugn Reid’s over-easy (more like scrambled) K5, that had been extracted from the trail and was strapped to a trailer, ready to head home. In true Ultimate Adventure fashion, Shaugn, and his co-pilot, Mario, were hopping in with others and continuing on the trip as ... Read more about this post

Day 5 of Ultimate Adventure Day five, and we woke up feeling more chipper than in some time. Even though we’d only been on the trip for a workweek, we (like everyone else) were working day and night for many days prior to the trip; trying to get our vehicle ready, and trying to make up for the absence from ... Read more about this post