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Water Methanol Injection Uses Just recently we received a message asking if the Banks Straight-Shot Water Methanol System can be used as an intercooler spray. Dear Banks Team, would it be possible to use your straight water shot system as an intercooler spray? I’m from Germany and the TÜV is only okay with that kind of system. Thank you and ... Read more about this post

Oshkosh Wins $6.75 Billion Contract To Replace HMMWV This just in; Oshkosh Truck will build 17,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) under a contract awarded today, with a possible total build of 55,000 units. The JLTV leverages 90 years of Oshkosh know how combined with 57 years of Banks know how, to produce the winning combination! Dynamometer durability testing at Banks Power, early in the program. All ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks Answers Your Diesel Questions Diesel Power Magazine (DPM) spent some time with Gale Banks to answer some questions that fans have submitted to the Editors of DPM. Five questions in 5 days, with the one-and-only, turbocharging and diesel legend, Gale Banks. Question 1: You have been involved with racing diesels for years. Do you think a 1,000cc engine, maybe a V-4, ... Read more about this post

Black Line Fever: 283 mph with Gale Banks. At the Bonneville Salt Flats, there’s a 5-mile-long black line that’s seen Pontiacs from Mickey Thompson’s four-engine Challenger 1 to the hand-down fastest Firebird of all: the Banks/Pontiac Twin Turbo GTA. Specially modified to handle an intercooled, twin turbo 7.5L 2200 hp V8, the Banks/Pontiac GTA posted a two-way average of 268 mph, with a peak ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks’ Favorite Car, Ever! Some friends have asked me to pick my favorite car. This is easy, even though I’ve Hot Rodded everything I’ve ever touched, even the ones I shouldn’t have, my choice is my 87 Pontiac. Banks Twin Turbo 283 mph street Trans Am on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1987. We managed to go fast even though the ... Read more about this post

Banks Super-Turbo DD60 Freightliner, Pikes Peak Outrage Come with me to practice on the Mountain! On this video I’ll explain my Forced induction and water/meth addiction in an interview, at the press conference, prior to the race. No Coal; We tuned for borderline smoke off the turns to be sure we had all the power we could get! As it builds speed we add ... Read more about this post

Things you might see at the Banks Power Tube Shop If you didn’t know this ,we’ve got our very own “Tube Shop.” Basically this a building where we manufacture all of the tubes that are used for various applications such as the TorqueTubes, Monster Exhaust and Exhaust Manifolds. Tubes getting ready to be used for various Banks Power Products.Omar from the Tube Shop is putting together a set of headers ... Read more about this post

Listen to Gale Banks on The Smoking Tire Podcast Listen to this great podcast where Gale Banks talks about all sorts for great things from his blown Cobra R Coil Over Watts Link Marauder, Kiwis, Twin Turbos, Jet boats, Burt Munro, Bonneville  and much more. To stream, download or SHARE the podcast, just click on the image below to go directly to The Smoking ... Read more about this post

Banks Sidewinder Blower Test Series At Banks Power we develop engines for uses ranging from winning wars (military) to winning races. We have done this, including the military part, since 1975. In those 40 years we have advanced our art and been on the winning team in building and powering all types of cars, trucks and boats, all over the ... Read more about this post

FirstFirst Fire Banks Supercharged 871S Diesel V8 Here’s a short first fire video of our Blown Duramax based dragster engine. This setup uses our cold side PWM controlled waste gate. As the waste gate air bypass becomes necessary it opens and blows the camera back. Watch for it! We have recently redesigned the bearing and mounting system in this 3100 Taylor absorber to ... Read more about this post