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Nissan Titan XD Kyle Bauman of Banks Power is taking another look at the 2016 Nissan Titan XD powered by the all-new Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel. Read more about this post

Reflecting on the life of Bill Golden, the Maverick! “Bill won the AHRA Winternationals at Fontana Drag City in his ’62 SS/A 413 Max Wedge Dodge taking the Stock Eliminator trophy and getting a huge boost in his career.” Read more about this post

Banks Straight-Shot® Water Methanol Injection In this article I’ve gathered some really great resources that best explain this performance enhancing method that has been around for over a hundred years. The Banks Straight-Shot System addresses two sides; emissions reduction/fuel efficiency and power output. It’s a universal technology, it can work on any fuel, any type of internal combustion engine. What Banks Power ... Read more about this post

Testing has begun on the new Ford F150 Ecoboost Truck How do I know this? Here’s some proof. This is  photo of Chris Otani (in the truck) and Ross Korns setting up the Banks Power Dyno to do some testing on the F150. I’m not allowed to show you what products have been installed. But once I get the ok, we’ll be posting more information ... Read more about this post

Another “Sleeper” at Banks Power This is another “sleeper” in the Banks Power stable. This 1991 Chevy SS (took out a 454) shop truck has a Banks twin-turbo 366ci small block that runs on 91 octane; it makes 675HP at the rear wheels and over 900 lbft of torque. All that torque twisted the stock frame like a pretzel, so the ... Read more about this post

The Gale Banks 427″ V8 Diesel Racing Engine I’m not a good spectator. If I’m not competing I stay at the shop. If I am competing I want the longest race possible. I’m an adrenaline junky! As an engine builder I like all forms of racing but, I love endurance racing! Endurance racing keeps your heart rate up for hours and sometimes even days. ... Read more about this post Writes an Article and does a Podcast about Gale Banks The most recent item on is an article talking about Gale Banks. It goes into great detail on how he first started as well as a wonderful podcast that you could listen to.   “It wasn’t uncommon during that era to build a car and race it on the street. And Banks was doing what many ... Read more about this post

Banks Wants A Few (More) Good Men and Women CAD Design Engineers, career opportunities are now open at Banks Engine design from the crank centerline out is the business of Gale Banks Engineering and its divisions Banks Power and Banks Technologies. We are currently taking applications for experienced CAD designers in our Mechanical Engineering Group. At Banks we design, develop, production engineer and manufacture all ... Read more about this post

Gale Banks Needs Some Help! Automotive Firmware Engineers Move to SoCal today! Banks is Hiring At Banks, the design and manufacture of electronic devices for engine and powertrain control, CAN bus communication, data logging, and instrumentation are woven into the fabric of of our company! In our 57th year, Banks is facing strong product demand at an exceptional and unprecedented level. Additionally our ... Read more about this post

Something Sinister This Way Comes Posted by Gale Banks Back in 2004 I wanted to get out of my ’91 Chevy, 502 SS pickup. I needed a large, rear drive car, with room for more than two people! Chevy didn’t have one anymore but Ford did, so I went to look at a Crown Victoria. A flaming Crown Victoria…Wow! Just saying ... Read more about this post