Turbo Terrors

Sports Car Graphic October 1983

You can huff and puff and blow the competition away!

The search for improved automobile engine power has been going on as long as enthusiasts have been tinkering with cars. There are a number of ways to increase an engine’s power output, but regardless of the method used, the end result must always be the same to release more work-producing heat in the combustion chambers. The basic approaches to that end are to burn more fuel in the combustion chambers and/or to use a different fuel that produces more heat. Since most vehicles still use gasoline as a primary fuel, most engine combustion is devoted to the improved combustion of that fuel.

Of all the performance modifications developed in the last century, only one-turbocharging-can be said to have significantly improved the thermal efficiency of the internal combustion engine while simultaneously producing more heat in the combustion chambers. < to read the entire story click below >

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