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4x4 Garage Spring 2014

Banks Power’s Bolt on TJ Turbo
We are such big fans of turbochargers that you might be tired of hearing us talk about them. The fact is that a turbo can be a great way to build more power, and the inline Jeep engines are so overbuilt they can handle boost with no problems. Many people feel that a turbo automatically means lag, but with a properly sized turbo that just isn’t the case. We’ve driven turbocharged Jeeps before, have turbocharged our own Jeeps, and we’ve been pushing companies for years to bring out a reasonably priced turbo kit for the Jeep 4.0L.

Well, we are happy to say that Gale Banks Engineering has listened and has come up with a remarkable turbo system with 50-state-legal status still pending as we go to press. With extensive experience in building turbo kits for bigger diesel-powered vehicles, we had high expectations for this kit and we weren’t disappointed. The kit is well designed and executed and features everything you need for installation. From the air intake kit to the bolt-on exhaust modifications, everything is here for you to get an average 45-percent bump in power. The kit fits ’991⁄2 to ’06 Wranglers. If your Jeep is a ’99 and you aren’t sure if this will work for you, the catalytic converters are key. If you’ve got two pre-catalytic converters, it will fit your Jeep. Read more about it here

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