Emissions compliance at the San Mateo Truck Fest

Off-Road Adventures February 2013

Experts from Gale Banks Engineering will reflash Six-Gun tuners and advise on diesel emissions compliance February 23-24, 2013.

When it comes to emissions, it has been said that as California goes, so goes the nation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets national vehicle pollution standards. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) predates the federal Clean Air Act, and is allowed to set more stringent standards for vehicles within the State. Other states are allowed to follow either CARB or EPA standards. Regardless of which state you live in, both agencies have rules that make defeating emissions devices, or the addition of devices that may increase emissions, illegal. And these laws allow for fines to be made against individuals who purchase these products, as well as those who sell, install and manufacture them.

Banks is making it easier by teaming up with 4 Wheel Parts at the San Mateo, California Truck Fest, February 23-24. In most states, gasoline vehicles are subject to annual or biannual inspection, and the presence of aftermarket products may be noted. In many cases, products that do not have a CARB issued Executive Order (E.O.) number may cause that vehicle to fail the inspection. Since 2010, California diesels (1998 and newer) are included in the biannual Smog Check program and will fail the inspection if non-E.G. aftermarket products are on the vehicle. These include all types of tuning devices, intercoolers, cold-air intakes, injectors, turbochargers; pretty much anything that can impact the performance of the engine. Owners are faced with the possibility of failing a smog inspection and the only remedy available is the costly removal of these types of products. < to read the rest of the article click below >

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