Banks 4.0L Sidewinder Turbo system

4 Wheel Drive & Sport Utility July 2013

The goal of the Banks Power 4.0L Sidewinder Turbo system was to improve low- and mid-range torque for increased power on the trail and improved drivability on the pavement. Did they get it right?

We’ve spent countless hours driving 4.0L-equipped Jeeps, chiefly in Wrangler TJs, Cherokee XJs, and a Grand Cherokee WJ. They’ve all been great vehicles with one thing in common-a somewhat anemic engine that waned whenever you needed additional horsepower and torque the most. Weighing the popularity of the 4.0L-equipped Wrangler TJ, the team at Banks Power decided to address this issue head-on with the introduction of its 4.0L Sidewinder Turbo system. Click to read more

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