Williams Brothers Auto Service

Before opening up shop Larry Williams worked at a dealership for 22 years. “I was pretty well known back then for diesel performance, opening up 12-valves and making them run. The dealership didn’t really like that, so my brother and I decided to go into business doing what we liked to do best.”

Larry runs the Snowflake, Arizona location of the Williams Brothers Auto Service operation, while his brother Nathan runs their Show Low, Arizona shop. The shops are about 18 miles apart from each other. Larry will get some customers from Nathan’s area, and vice versa. Think of it as brotherly love. Larry’s location opened in 2002, with Nathan’s opening up the second location in 2010. Since opening in 2002 Larry’s location has grown by quite a bit. “When we first started the business it was just my brother, another tech and me,” recalls Larry, “but in 2006 we had a major expansion to the building where we doubled the size, added four more bays, added more techs and a chassis dyno. Nathan added a muscle car showroom and provides a car restoration service while concentrating more on gasoline applications at his Show Low location. 

When Larry and Nathan first started the business, they came to Banks for dealer training. “We learned a lot about the product line and how to sell it. That was also around the time when the Banks Sidewinder Dakota broke the speed record, so we got to see that and a lot of other projects. We’ve been a Banks dealer ever since.”

Larry can blur the lines on service, but diesel is his main center of concentration, providing services from repair and maintenance to full performance upgrades. “I prefer to stay with medium-duty trucks, because that’s what’s out here,” says Nathan. “And that’s good, because we’re here for the community. We usually have 15 to 20 diesel trucks at a time waiting for service, and when it comes to that service, we are a one-stop-shop. A customer could just have routine maintenance done, or they can go wild with performance and suspension upgrades.”

There’s something else about Larry… he knows performance. “We have the highest horsepower truck on the mountain, nobody has come close. It’s an ’01 Dodge that’s a street truck, not a trailer queen, with more than 1,800 lb. ft. of torque to the ground. I use it as an example of what can be done, proof if you will, and I take people out for rides and show them how fast they can get to 100 mph. And you know what… I sell a lot of product that way.”

Williams Brothers Auto Service – Snowflake (Larry’s place)
439 W. Snowflake Blvd, Snowflake, AZ 85939

Williams Brothers Auto Service – Show Low (Nathan’s place)
1380 E. Lumbermans Loop, Show Low, AZ 85901