Top 5 Podcasts of 2022

As we wrap up 2022, we look back at the top 5 podcasts from Speed School. We’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot, and Gale’s conversations were nothing less than great entertainment. If you’re new to the podcast, subscribe on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Podcast #1: World’s Fastest Production Car

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Gale Banks welcomes Csaba Csere, former technical director and editor-in-chief of Car and Driver. The two laugh about making history in a 700-hp, 200-mph street-legal Pontiac Trans Am. And, they recount a hair-raising tale of a 170 mph test drive down a Southern California highway that almost cost their lives.

Podcast #2: Turbo history, SR-71 engines

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Gale Banks is joined by Walt Ware, former president of Garrett AiResearch. They discuss the history of automotive turbocharging and how Garrett was forced into the turbo business. Walt also shares fascinating stories about working on the SR-71 Blackbird and F4 Phantom engines. Gale explains why people are blowing up Corvette C8s and reveals his next car purchase.

Podcast #3: How Banks got into Diesel

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Gale Banks wraps up his multi-part interview with Walt Ware, former President of Garrett AiResearch by revealing their biggest achievements. Did you know Walt was responsible for turbos in all Ford 7.3L Power Strokes? The two also discuss how and why Banks transitioned from gas diesel to diesel performance in the early 80s.

Podcast #4: CFM is dead. MAF is what matters.

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Gale is joined by grandson Erik Reider, Banks’ Special Projects Lead. Erik and Gale explain how measuring CFM on an industry-standard airflow bench can be misleading. Measuring mass air flow is what the engine really cares about. The engine needs to know the mass of the air, not just its volume. “We’re not talking CFM to the public anymore,” says Gale. “If you want to compare your products to ours, you’ll have to use mass flow. That’s what the engine cares about. Or, we’ll just compare your stuff for you.”

Podcast #5: EPA Controversy

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Gale Banks welcomes Kory Willis, owner of PPEI. The controversial Louisana-based engine tuner discusses his fight with the EPA, ownership of a Tesla Plaid, making horsepower on emissions-equipped vehicles, and valuable tips that he’s learned from Gale. The two gearheads have fun closing the generation gap.