Secret Spy Photos of Banks Power Marine Turbo-diesel Revealed

We’ll give you the full inside scoop when the crew can stop and take a breath, but there’s a really rad “proof of concept” test engine being built right this second on the shop floor. Twin-turbos, intercooler and heat exchangers powered by sea water, this baby has the works. Plus it kinda looks like the robot from that movie, “Short Circuit.” (Johnny-5 is alive!) Check out these top-secret pix and come back next week for all the details. Hint: The first in line to use this monster could be the military. Keep it on the DL…

One of this engine’s many specially fabricated pieces comes to life.

It’s Johnny-5!

Are you staring at my turbos?

Seriously. Are you?

Heat exchanger built specifically for upcoming R&D.

Shields protect the twin turbos and boost air from outside heat.

This belt powers two(!) water pumps.

Whole lotta intercoolin’ going on.


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