Ram-Air Differential Cover

’85 thru ’20 Ford Sterling Axle

Banks customer Gary Gray decided to see if the new Banks lived up to the hype. Being an avid tower, he’s always looking for ways the run the coolest temperatures for reliability and efficiency. He has even set up additional custom cooling systems for his transmission under the bed of his trucks with electric fans, which drastically kept rising heat under control at the flip of a switch. After watching Gale’s video he knew the Ram-Air Differential Cover was something he needed to try on his 2005 F-350 Power Stroke. “Looking at what was presented and the design of it… it just all made sense,” said Gary, “so I ordered one and put it to the test.”

Gary’s test was simple: go on a 14-mile route running at a steady 75 mph, taking the temperature before and after the run. His run with his flat-back cover netted 126 degrees, and with his data in hand he installed the Banks cover. Wanting an accurate test, he waited for the weather conditions to be identical, which took 3 days of waiting, and went on the same route and speed. Gary was impressed to find that the temperature reading was 101 degrees. With the Banks cover keeping the temperature 21 degrees less than his flat back cover, he was very impressed. “After running my tests and looking at the results it sunk in: I’m using about half the diff fluid as my flat-back cover and its running 25 degrees cooler. This thing is definitely doing its job!”

“I have been dealing with ways to dissipate heat from auto transmissions for 40 years,” said Gary enthusiastically, “and I’ve never experienced a product like this! It simply does exactly what it’s supposed to do.”