PedalMonster’s Speed Trim is Traction Control

Roads are icy all across the country. Wheel spin can be dangerous. Owners of throttle sensitivity controllers like Pedal Commander, Sprint Booster, and iDrive likely find themselves setting the pedal back to stock to avoid spinning the tires at low speeds when driving in these conditions. The reason they have to set the devices back to stock is because they have no clue what speed the vehicle is traveling; therefore they add the same throttle sensitivity at 1 MPH as they do at 80 MPH! 

Thanks to PedalMonster’s Low Speed Trim feature, wheel spin is not an issue at slow speeds. By selecting one of PedalMonster’s five Low Speed Trim settings, you can trim (reduce) its added sensitivity below 10 MPH. For example, if you set Low Speed Trim to HIGH, it will greatly reduce PedalMonster’s sensitivity until you exceed 10 MPH. As you exceed 10 MPH, it smoothly rolls in its added sensitivity until you reach your preset level like City 8, Sport 3, or Track 6.

Low Speed Trim is also helpful in vehicles with manual transmissions. It makes clutch engagement much smoother at low speeds. Low Speed Trim is made possible by PedalMonster’s OBD connectivity. It’s the only throttle controller that knows your year, make, model, transmission type, speed, and gear. Pedal Commander, Sprint Booster, iDrive, and others have no idea they’re even in a car or truck let alone its speed. There is something smarter, safer, and made in the USA. It’s called a PedalMonster and it’s making all over throttle controllers obsolete.