Past to Present: Instructions Made Easy

When you buy a Banks product you’re never going to be in the dark on how to install it. With comprehensive videos that take you through each step of the installation, including telling you what tools to use and tips and tricks to make things easier, you are not alone. But back in the early days of Banks, we didn’t have the technology that we have today, and instruction manuals were the ONLY way to really communicate with customers on how to install our products. These manuals needed to be clear, concise, and as all-inclusive as possible.

From the beginning, Banks has always worked hard to produce the most comprehensive instruction manuals, and here’s an example: The installation manual for the Chevy big-block twin-turbo marine kit. This particular manual was printed in 1977 and included step-by-step explanations, photos, and detailed diagrams.

Whether the product is a simple plug-and-play or requires extensive installation, Banks has always gone the extra mile to provide the best instructions and customer experience possible. Oh, and for those that don’t like those new-fangled videos we still offer printed manuals.