Pasco/Richland Tire Factory

Ramon Garcia: Manager

The Pasco/Richland Tire Factory started its business in 1955, growing into three separate shops to better serve the communities of Washington with great customer feedback and reputation, and offering a massive selection of tires. “We do pretty much every tire out there from agricultural OTR tires down to passenger cars and trucks,” said Ramon Garcia, Manager of the Pasco location. “We also offer full vehicle service for just about anything that uses tires.” 

Ramon’s location deals with a lot of local farmers, and according to him about 90% of them have diesel-powered pickups. He himself has a diesel-powered pickup that he equipped with everything that Banks produces for it. “I fell in love with it all, and if I fell in love with the product then I knew it would be something that my customers would love, too. Why not add it to our services and sell it? It’s a great product, and actually does what Banks says it says it’s going to do.”

Ramon also shared with us his customer’s usual go-to Banks product, the PedalMonster. “I like the PedalMonster the most! That thing is amazing! I’ve done all of the other products through the years like tuners and full exhaust systems, and more… but with the PedalMonster you can feel the difference immediately. I just put it on for the customer to try. It’s kind of hard to keep them in stock.

Pasco/Richland Tire Factory
1324 N 4th Ave.
Pasco, WA 99301
(509) 547-1724