NRG Repair, Coldwater, Ohio

Nick Grey started NRG Repair LLC about five years ago in his backyard. That didn’t last long. Just 3 years after that humble beginning, Nick and a crew of eight technicians moved into the current location with plenty of room to work on pickup trucks to tractors and semis. NRG Repair does it all, from complete service to engine and transmission work. Nick has invested in getting the latest diagnostic and tire-changing equipment to better service his customers. “We’re more into the complete performance of the truck,” said Nick. “From front to back, we can make anything run right.”

And, Nick and his team know Banks parts backward and forward. If you’re in the Coldwater area, look them up. 

NRG Repair, LLC
4141 Burrville Rd
Coldwater, OH 45828
(419) 375-1141