LokJaws SEMA Reveal

On Tuesday, November 2nd, LokJaw was unveiled in the AMSOIL booth at SEMA’s central hall. Jay Leno was among the hundreds to come by to witness Gale Banks himself pull the cover off of the highly modified 1966 Chevy C20 pickup truck, and to see his company’s latest crate engine that powers the beast: the new Banks R866SC supercharged Duramax. Banks’ new powerful engine is the culmination of thousands of engineering, design, and development man-hours. To showcase the new powerplant, Banks engineers chose the rusty ‘66 Chevy ¾-ton pickup which was coined “LokJaw” for its threat of inflicting tetanus to all those who worked on it. In a peek behind the curtain, millions of fans followed every step of the build process via the BANKS BUILT YouTube series. A massive thanks to all of the partners in this effort to bring Lokjaw to life. Keep your eyes on our YouTube channel for all new episodes!