Jae Urenda, 2014 Camaro 3.6-liter RS

Jae Urenda’s daily driver also happens to be his project car, and he has some pretty big goals for his 2014 V6 Camaro. He’s been building up the 3.6-liter mill under the hood, as well as the car’s suspension and braking. The stout V6 is currently running an aggressive tune, and later this year Jae is looking to install a ProCharger after some internal modifications with the eventual goal of putting down 600 to 700 hp to the street.

Jae bought the iDash SuperGauge to serve as the information center for his current and future mods to the car. Currently, he’s using the iDash to monitor the content percentage of the E85 fuel by way of a flex-fuel kit. Later he’ll be keeping an eye out on the blower’s boost output, intake air temperature, and more through the car’s OBD-II system. With a Banks 4-Channel Analog module he’ll be able to add other sensors like air-fuel ratio, exhaust temp, and more.“I’m liking the fact that the iDash can tell me what I need to know now,” said Jae, “and the fact that it will grow with my build is just awesome!”