Gale reveals the new AVL engine dynamometer

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In his latest video, Gale takes you into the now empty Banks Dyno Cell #2 inside our Azusa, California campus to share what is going on inside. That particular engine dyno cell has seen its fair share of powerful Banks-built engines from the race-built Cummins that powered the Land Speed Record Sidewinder Dakota to the prototype engines that power every Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

After months of researching engine dynos in an effort to find the most accurate test equipment available, Gale and the Banks Engineering teams landed on AVL as the engine dyno that checks every box. Used in the world’s top emissions laboratories and auto manufacturers’ test cells, AVL has set the standard for accuracy and repeatability. 

“We’re going for the moon in regards to accuracy, capability, repeatability, and we’re going to bring emissions capability into the cell as well,” says Gale in the new video. “We didn’t have those with the previous dyno. We’re looking for something that will run 400 hours or 800 hours at or near wide-open throttle. This is going to be that dyno!”

Watch as Gale explains the massive changes and equipment going in and around Dyno #2, and what it means for a new era in testing.