Fixing a Tuned Ford F-150’s Dead Pedal

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Ryan Tutor knows how to build performance cars. So when he turned his attention to the family 2016 F-150 5.0L he discovered a problem. After installing an exhaust, an intake, and a flash tune, he still was experiencing a lazy throttle. “What I’ve noticed is that the drive-by-wire on this truck—I don’t know if it’s just the way they tune it from the factory and the aftermarket tuners don’t change it with a custom tune, but the pedal response sucks. You got to really press on the throttle for it to go wide open. It just doesn’t feel very aggressive.” The 5-liter fan did some research on how to cure the problem and discovered the Banks PedalMonster. I compared the Banks device to the competition. “The difference between Banks and the others is that they draw power from the weak 5-volt gas pedal circuit, which all too often ends in a check engine light or worse. Banks get twelve volts directly from the OBD port.”

After a quick install and pairing with his phone via the Banks app, Ryan chooses SPORT mode and goes over a few of the features. Showing that it’s a family vehicle, the first test is with his daughter behind the wheel. Both of them can definitely tell the difference. Check out his video here. “I think it’s a worthwhile investment. It plugs in. It works. No check engine lights, no problems shifting, no dead pedal, or anything like that. It’s a really quality product.”