American Diesel Power

American Diesel Power is passionately run by Patrick Runge. Even though the shop has been around for only a year Patrick is making quite a name for his place.

While offering custom performance tunes and parts for a variety of trucks such as Duramax and Power Stroke powered ones, Patrick offers something that the other guys tend to overlook: GM’s smaller diesels. Patrick loves working with the 1.6 liter for the Cruze, Terrain and Equinox as well as the 2.8L Duramax in the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. He feels that these little guys are often ignored and don’t get the love and respect that they deserve. He knows a thing or two about what the little Duramax can do having made 585 lb-ft on one running his race tune with a 50 shot of NOS on his Mustang dyno.

When asked to describe his business Patrick responded, “I like to think that I started out in the same place Gale did: in a small garage putting my labor into my passion. I love the genuine model of Banks Power, and I really want to do my best to emulate it. Banks doesn’t bring out a product until it’s been tested and they’ve made sure it has no problems and that it will make the power that they advertise. That’s important, because in this business there’s a lot of companies out there that unfortunately aren’t playing right with the customer. I’ve always seen Gale as a man of integrity, and I want to be like that.” Patrick added, “If I can make a business selling customers what they want with honesty and without headaches… well, then I can go to bed with a good conscience. I believe in providing quality-built, reliable products that won’t leave the customer stranded.”

2020 is going to be a big year American Diesel Power. In the coming months, after the dust settles from having moved to his new shop, Patrick expects to add metal fabrication and powder coating, as well as coming out with a bevy of new products that have been in development for longer than he’s been in business. One such product is a performance VG turbo bolt-on replacement for the 2.8L baby Duramax. “I’ve been working on this kit since before I opened the doors of my first shop, and it’s almost ready for production” says Patrick. “It’s gonna blow people’s socks off.”

American Diesel Power
216 Oak Drive
Daleville, AL 36322
(334) 494-1740